Aromacea is a small but serious and committed company that makes and sells organic, pure natural aromatherapy products of high quality. The oils, both essential and vegetable come from organically grown plants or wild plants that provide with the very best result and quality to the product.


Plants growing in a cool climate with a lot of wind, temperature changes, must fight for survival, and therefore hold much more of the active, potent chemical components than a plant that grows a more stable and even climate. There is a much greater diversity and a more powerful effect in an oil that comes from a plant that has been allowed to grow freely, than from a cultivated plant which in many cases have only been allowed to grow one season before being harvested. 


Moreover, the strongest of hundreds or thousands of seeds will go after the principle of the strongest will survive. Something that does not happen naturally on farmland. The chemical content of an oil will be different from year to year depending on weather conditions. Something that is very positive for the bacteria and viruses to not accrue resistance to the active substances, since the totality of the components composition of the oil changes from year to year. 


The wild plants are also organic and it is very important for the quality of the oil. We do not want to have traces of toxins in the oils. Not all oils that can be obtain are wild crafted, but then used the organic quality. The vegetable oils in the products are cold pressed. This is important because most of the original product's nutrients is not destroyed, oils retain their aroma and flavor as well as vitamins, minerals and fatty acids. The vegetable oils helps to maintain the skin's natural oil and moisture balance. Some stimulating elastin and collagen in the skin and helps to keep elasticity and fullness to the skin. 


Aromacea desire to offer products that are as pure as possible, free-quoted by Deepak Chopra: What you apply to your skin, could also be eaten! What you add to the skin enters the body and it is important that it is as clean and healthy as possible. There is no synthetically produced substances, additives, mineral oils (vaseline, paraffin) in Aromacea`s products.


About the name Aromacea, it is composed by the words Aroma (gr. fragrance) or Aromatherapy and Panacea (gr.Panakeia / Πανακεια).


Panacea was in Greek mythology the goddess of healing. She was the daughter of Askleipos, the god of healing and disease and medicine and the grandson of Apollo, god of healing.

She healed the sick with a special potion and based on this, the panacea concept was developed. A panacea is a universal preparation that cures all diseases.








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