Ina Hviding



She was educated as herbal aromatherapist at the Norwegian School of Aromatherapy in 1996 and have since then worked with aromatherapy in different ways.


Undergraduate Medicine at AMH.

Bachelor's degree in molecular biology at the University.

Employee at Norwegian School of Aromatherapy / Aromedica.

Aromatherapist at Aroma Clinic, Bislett natural medical center, therapeutic, and nursing homes.

Distilling and plant courses at Wild herbs of Crete in Crete, Greece.


A great interest has grown the recent years for development of selfmade products and also destillation of aromatic plants. 


Thanks to many journeys to Crete, the island of fragrances, aromatic plants and the varm atmosphere. It is a magnificent inspiration to use the pure, organic raw materials direct from the nature without any synthetical processing. 











Po Box 65

0705  Oslo