Face cream - Men's Care


Face cream - Men's care


Contains: sandalwood, lavender, black pepper, bergamot , red raspberry seed oil, avocado oil, aloe vera gel, cocoa butter, shea butter and hydrolats.

95 % organic.


The emollient formula provides long lasting hydrating to the skin. Calming after shaving.

Ideal for daily use.

The cream has a mild and lightly spicy, fresh fragrance.

Sandalwood and aloe vera gel is especially good for dry, sensitive and irritated skin. Raspberry seed oil has sun protecting properties and protects against early aging of the skin.


For all skin types.


Active substances:

Tocopherols (antioxidants)

Fatty acids (lecithin, omega 3 and 6)

Ellagic acid (protects against skin cancer)

Vitamins (A, E and D)







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