Sinusitis blend

With: german chamomile, helichrysum, lentisk, eucalyptus citriodora and more, blended in tamanu oil and safflower oil. 


The sinusitis blend is a unique composition of the most anti-inflammatory essential oils. When several essential oils are being mixed, the individual properties of each oil is being enhanced, new compositions originates. The chemical components in the oils harmonize and create a new powerful effect. They work so-called synergetic that means that the mix of several oils has a stronger effect than the sum of each individual oil. 


German chamomile is one of the most important anti-inflammatory oil because of it’s contain of azulene that is a powerful component for 

that purpose. 


To be applied over the affected area every hour the first 24 hours and after that use the blend 3-5 times a day. If applied at an early stage, 

there is a big chance to stop the worsening of the sinusitis, or even cure it completely.


This is an alternative to common school medicine of course. Always consult with your doctor.




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