Sun oil

With: avocado oil, sesame oil, calendula oil, hazelnut oil, raspberry seed oil, carrotseed essential oil and other essential oils.


Used as an extra sun protection, apply a while before other sunscreen. It can be used alone when your skin is used to the sun or if you have a dark skintype. 


Roughly equivalent to SPF 6-10 and protects in a very good way and adds moisture and revitalize the skin. The sun oil gives a smooth and even tan that lasts longer. 


The sun oil contains essential oil from wild carrot seed (daucus carota) that has melanin stimulating substances. These will affect the melanin synthesis in the skin. Melanin is to be found in the pigment cells in the lower layers of the skin. By sun exposure the melanin will be stimulated, and it will work as the skins own protector. 

It also contains red raspberry seed oil. The SPF of red raspberry seed oil has been found to be as high as 28-50. It has a high content of many antioxidants and one of them, ellagic acid,  prevents the development and proliferation of cancercells. With these properties it is a very good protector against strong UV-rays.


It can also be used after the aftersun gel for optimal skincare after sunbathing.

Gives your skin a deep moisture.


It is a very good alternative to normal sunscreen cream or as an addition.





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