Worth knowing

Mineral oils


One good reason to choose natural products for your skin


Most of the commercial skincare products contain huge amounts of mineral oils. These are side products of the petroleum distillation, gone through a refining process and the end product is completely purified from vitamins, essential fatty acids and other nutrients. It does not do much good for the skin.

The mineral oils molecules are too big to absorb through the skin layers and will stay on the surface, make a barrier and the pores will be clogged, prevent the skin from “breathing”. The cells in the inner skin layer needs oxygen for the health and growth and the mineral oils prevents the natural humidity from the surroundings to penetrate.

The skin will feel even drier and the consumer will by more moisturizer.   


After UV-radiation, mineral oils are one of the factors that accelerate aging of the skin. It is a huge paradox; it is the exact opposite of what the consumers wants.


The reason that mineral oils are used as extensively is because it is a very cheap ingredient and it’s not skin irritant or allergenic and feels soft on the skin. Another reason is that the mineral oils don’t get rancid and keeps “forever”. The big companies make a lot of money on cheap ingredients that the consumers will be addicted to.


Common names for mineral oils are: paraffin, petrolatum, hydrocarbon oil, baby oil. 







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