Ordering information





Ordering information

Our hours of operation are 8 AM to 4 PM.


All orders must be received by 2 PM Monday Through Thursday for next day pickup. Next day pick up orders will be ready after 12 PM.


Add-ons and Adjustments

Because we process your order within moments of receiving it, we are unable to accept adjustments or additions for your order. While we apologize for this inconvenience, we have found this policy to be helpful in our expeditious shipping policy.


Discrepancies, Shortages and Returns

If your order is received with any notable shortcomings, please send us a message immediatly.



Ocassionally we run short of stock on particular items and issue a “Backorder” on your invoice. This occurs when you were charged and invoiced for a particular product, but by the time it enters the warehouse for fullfillment we find that the item is temporarily unavailable. In this instance we will issue a smal backorder notice that clearly explains your item will ship once our stock replenishes. Fulfilling backorders generally takes 1-2 weeks.










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